Koes Plus

Early days and controversy
The group started out as Koes Brothers, consisted entirely of the Koeswoyo siblings. Its antics of bringing up Beatles-influenced rock 'n' roll subculture in Indonesia was proven to be controversial, as the brother were then be arrested by the Highest Operation Commando (KOTI) in 1965. They were eventually released just the day preceding the nation's coup d'├ętat, in September 29.

Koes Plus
When drummer Nomo quit in 1969, Murry was then invited to fill the niche, but the decision caused an internal uproar as the band was initially projected as a family act. The feud was then being resolved by rebaptizing the band to be Koes Plus. It consisted of the Koeswoyos plus an outsider; hence the name.
Koes Plus' early days were rugged, as record companies insisted in rejecting them. Murry was driven frustrated at some point and temporarily quit the band, distributing their records freely as well as joining several other acts. Not until their songs were played in the state radio network did they met considerable fame.

Present years
Koes Plus, infamously, never owned any legal rights pertaining to their works- they were paid only by the time they produced an album. Consequently, the band never enjoyed any form of royalties whenever their works are being reproduced. In recent years the personnels had been shown encountering financial problems despite having their legacies continuously relived in local music scenes.


Tonny Koeswoyo
Yon Koeswoyo
Yok Koeswoyo
Nomo Koeswoyo

Former members

John Koeswoyo
Tonny Koeswoyo

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