PADI was originally one of the campus bands in Airlangga University (Unair), Surabaya. The band consists of Andi Fadly Arifuddin (Fadly, vocalist), Satriyo Yudhi Wahono (Piyu, guitarist), Ari Tri Sosianto (Ari, guitarist), Rindra Risyanto Noor (Rindra, bassist), and Surendro Prasetyo (Yoyok, drummer).

Padi They were called SODA before eventually dubbed as PADI. The band first performed at a gig at Unair’s Faculty of Law, October 1996, and formally known as PADI in April 8, 1997. Yoyok, the drummer, proposed the name PADI, Indonesian for “rice”. It was not only inspired by the philosophy of rice, which bows even further down when ripen, a symbol for modesty. But also by the fact that it is Indonesian staple food that everybody could enjoy. From peasants, little kids, to the executives. Though PADI’s name is often associated with something “boorish”, being the food for the poor, PADI has a very down-to-earth sense. In their perspective, PADI is also the symbol for prosperity

Each member came from various backgrounds. The five of them did not simply meet and instantly form a band. It was first Piyu and Ari who got together. Shortly, Ari invited Rindra to join them as bassist; both Ari and Rindra once band-mate in a band called WARNA. Afterwards, they found the vocalist, Fadly, and drummer, Yoyok. Fadly, who first admired Ari’s guitar playing during his band’s performance at a campus gig, initially offered to play bass for Ari’s band; if they needed one (Fadly had been playing bass since he was in senior high school).

There is no doubt for PADI’s individual skill. Piyu, formerly a member of a rock band Crystal Band, was a guitar technician for a well know Indonesian band. Piyu had been taken with guitar playing since senior high school, and his talent in songwriting is irrefutable. Scores of PADI’s hit singles came from his hands. As a bass player, Rindra’s talent is also beyond doubt, as he won Best Bassist in 1992. And as for Yoyok, everybody knows the former Andromeda’s drummer was dubbed 1998 Indonesia’s Best Drummer.

The journey they had to take before being a solid, established band as today was not an easy one. They started from scratch, with all the ups-and-downs of struggling for existence, being rejected numerous times by major labels. Faced with so much rejection did not make them lose their hope, however. It encouraged them even more to make more demos and traveled all the way from Surabaya to Jakarta, delivering them themselves. Having to sleep on railway carriages' connecting area as all tickets were sold out, having to bear with stale rice because when they bought some food on the train they got food with a stale rice, because they are so starving finally they have to eat the food that didn't contain the stale rice. Those were some experiences not unfamiliar to them at the time.

There was an occasion where Piyu said, "A band player should know what a hard life is like before being famous. Enduring such hard life could prepare us to have a sense of survival, and, eventually, would be able to keep our existence our own world".


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wah padi salah satu grpu band favoritku.... lagu mengena banget di hati..... jadi ingat masa lalu nich...

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Excellent words from Piyu. A hard life will definitely prepare and teach someone what it takes to survive in this world. All the hardships will only make the success all the more fruitful and appreciated. Thanks!