Play Fast Guitar

There are a lot of guitarists out there that play the same old tunes that are worn-out on the radio, but you need some way to stick out. When everyone seems to play a slow depressing ballad, you need to learn how to play fast.

If you want to brand yourself as a marketable guitarist in the music industry, learning to acquire some speed with your licks is a great idea. You can be closer to playing fast guitar with these easy and quick guitar tips.

1. Playing slow is the key to playing fast.

There hasn't been a single guitar player in history who has been able to blast through guitar licks at full speed when they first begin and neither will you. Sit down and take things at a reasonable pace and increase your tempo as you seem fit.

2. Warm-up with scales before you try the real songs.

Getting into your guitar songs is what you want to do during your personal practice, but starting out with some scales is a great idea. Not only will you loosen your fingers a little more, but you'll learn about note relationships for soloing and improvisation techniques.

3. Have a goal to accomplish for your new speed.

The one thing that might hold you back is being frustrated at your slow progress, but hanging in there with a "contract" might be what you need. Before you begin, write down exactly what you hope to accomplish to increase your chances of succeeding.

4. Keep your family by your side to cheer you on.

The people in your life that don't think you can make it and succeed are not the ones you need around you when undertaking this project of playing fast guitar. Seek out friends and family who will support you through this goal to give you that extra boost of fuel.

If you really want to play fast guitar, things are bound to get tough and frustrating at times. But, if you run against the wind and take everything one step at a time, you should find yourself playing guitar much faster.

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